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Increases the specific enzymatic and proteinic activity, determinant for the biosynthesis of the precursory cannabinoids and THC 

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  • Increases the specific enzymatic and proteinic activity, determinant for the biosynthesis of the precursory cannabinoids and THC

    The new biosynthetic routes of CBDA and THCA frame a new panorama for the study of endogenous cannabinoids production in hemp strains. The THCA synthase is a protein of high molecular weight with enzymatic activity that intervenes directly in the biosynthesis of Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and therefore of THC.

    CannaBioGen I+D has developed DELTA NUEVE. It is a revolutionary product made up of three substances that converge in a natural way in the living organisms, coming from the pharmaceutical industry and with no phytotoxic effect. The synergy of DELTA-9 act as biostimulant of the natural metabolism processes of the cannabis sativa L, with no alteration, increasing a specific enzymatic and proteinic activity, determinant for the biosynthesis of the precursory cannabinoids and THC.

    DELTA NUEVE achieve the biggest specific synergy for the professional hemp cultivation, with immediate visible results that provide an increase of 25% in the levels of THCA and 30% in the exclusive yield of the bloom, in FOUR different PHASES:

    General biostimulation of all the metabolic processes in the Cannabis sativa L strains, by means of selective incorporation of the substances for hemp strains.

    Promoting and facilitating the terpenophenolic production and precursory cannabinoids (Geranyl Pyrophosphate and cannabigerol acid (CBGA), mainly) of the biosynthesis of the THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid).

    Two substances act as enzyme-cofactor of specific substrates at THCA enzymatic catalysis, increasing the production of these enzymes.

    Activation and selective stimulation of the enzymatic protein THCA synthase, indispensable for THC production.

    In the search of facilitating plants the appropriate means to develop and to stimulate the directly related metabolic bioprocess, we have incorporated a pure extract of seaweeds Ascophyllum Nodosum.

    The dosage and the appropriate treatment provide in a natural way more than 60 macro and micronutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids and growth promoters that increase the yield, stimulate the bloom, the quality and the vigor in the cannabis strains, with no problems of incompatibilities neither of excesses.

    The content in cytokinins, auxins and natural gibberellins stimulates the cellular division and the biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes.

    The enzymatic antioxidants (Dismutase, Peroxidase and Reductase family mainly) and not enzymatic (Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C) contained protect the cellular membrane against oxidation and deterioration, enlarging life of plants and generating the endogenous resins concentration.

    Betain, poliamine and oligosaccharide are also involved in cellular metabolism stimulation. They basically favour cells osmotic balance while protecting them, providing a better functionality without appreciable cellular deterioration. At the same time they propitiate the ethylene production that improves quality, floral maturation, aroma and flavour.

    Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) through proteins biosynthesis, described as plants ability for "being vaccinated" against illness and stress, is also increased; it generates glandular trichomes and cannabinoids production in cannabis free of deterioration or biological damage of other necessary substances.

    A minimum of THREE applications is needed, preferably FOUR, TWO in pulverization (sprays) to foliate plant leaves and stem, and TWO in the soil or in any means of substrate (included water solution of hydroponics system) for their roots absorption, using a watering can or drips. It is convenient to use it complementarily with the habitual doses of other fertilizers.

    Pulverization to foliate the plant:

    Two applications: first one consists of 4-6 millilitres per litre of water in the stage before-flowering (one week before the induction to flowering) dewing the whole plant. Next 10 days after flowering induction, the same dose (10-15 days of difference between applications). Application in soil and hydroponics:

    It should be applied at the beginning of the bloom and in the peak of floral stage (30 days after flowering beginning approximately). The dose will be 4-6 millilitres per litre in both cases. Third dose will be 6-8 millilitre/litre 15 days later to the previous one (45 days after the beginning of floweri

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