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BIOFUNGI is one hundred percent organic fungicide, organic and non-
toxic, based on the active "POTASSIUM OLEATE (saponified fatty
acid combined with potassium salt). 

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  • BIOFUNGI is one hundred percent organic fungicide, organic and non-
    toxic, based on the active "POTASSIUM OLEATE (saponified fatty
    acid combined with potassium salt). Suitable for traditional,
    integrated and organic. BIOFUNGI is a potent foliar
    fertilizer for its high content of potassium (K) and organic
    matter. Application: Cultivation of vegetables, fruits and
    ornamental plants under plastic and open. Non-toxic: BIOFUNGI
    treatment is completely non-toxic and biologically, there
    is no possibility of toxicity or for those who apply, or for
    people who can eat any fruit, vegetable or plant treated, produces
    no toxic waste. No biological or cause any change in the
    appearance or shape of the fruit. Weather Safety: NIL! Plants,
    vegetables or fruit that is treated with BIOFUNGI, had no
    toxic even if ingested or consumed immediately after
    treatment . Environment: Products BIOFUNGI not adversely affect soil,
    air or groundwater, plants or animals. Danish and American
    scientists who endorse products, by their nature, do not
    harm the environment and rapidly decompose into carbonate.
    Storage: When not to affect the environment or living beings and not be
    flammable, have great advantages in storage and manipulation.
    Effective against mildew, Botrytis, Alternaria and
    powdery mildew (preventive, curative and antiespurulante)
    Repilado, Tuberculosis. DIRECTIONS: How to use: BIOLEAT 50 or
    BIOFUNGI mix at doses of 2% water (1 liter or BIOLEAT 50
    BIOFUNGI per 50 liters of water) The mode of treatment is the
    traditional pressure spraying equipment with very fine nozzle. The
    products are effective in liquid form, with the need to physically
    reach the insect. Therefore it is important to perform the treatment by
    spraying with a veneer of reaching all of the treated plant
    (wetting the leaves on both sides), so the result is 100%.
    Products BIOLEAT are 50 or BIOFUNGI fully
    compatible with most existing plant protection products except:
    Retenone Lime and sulfur, such as EDTA Chelates, pesticides or metals
    with sulfur, calcium nitrate and wetting.
    When mixing with other products BIOLEAT 50 or BIOFUNGI may be
    necessary to reduce recommended dose of these. BIOLEAT 50 o

    BIOLEAT 50 or BIOFUNGI (potassium soap) are listed in EC
    Regulation 1488/97, Annex II, Part B, which allowed its use in organic
    farming, taking ademásun large field of application in integrated
    We believe with 2
    treatments per year in time for the development of varroa would be
    sufficient.However we advise beekeepers to leave due to their

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