Sweet Zkittlez®


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Zkittlez is one of the most famous and potent strains found on the west coast of the USA. Sweet Zkittlez® (SWS84) derives from a cross between an elite clone of Zkittlez combined with a specially selected Grape Ape clone, which is one of the strains used to develop the original Zkittlez.

The result is a predominantly indica genetic hybrid. It produces a large amount of resin-soaked flowers. It is both relaxing and stress-relieving, yet it also stimulates the imagination and conversation, an effect that is normally associated with sativa strains.

The flowers have a high terpene content, an exquisite aroma and sweet taste, with hints of fruit-flavoured candies, hardwood undertones, shades of lemon, cypress and subtle aromatic peppers.

Datový list

Odrůda SWS84
Indica: 70% / Sativa: 30%
THC: 16-23% · CBD: 0,2%
Výnos Indoor: 450–650 g/m2
Výnos Outdoor: 400–700 g/rostlina
Doba květu indoor: 9 týdnů
Sklizeň outdoor: late September, early October