Cannabis olive oil: a classic of the cannabic cuisine!

Aceite de marihuana

Cannabis olive oil is becoming very famous worldwide, especially for its therapeutic properties for different pathologies. However, it is important to avoid confusing cannabis oil for medicinal purposes with cooking cannabis oil.

Conventional olive oil can be replaced by cannabis olive oil on any special occasion with friends or simply for a relaxed weekend dinner. It is important to avoid temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius to keep the cannabinoids responsible for their effects intact.


  • 15gr of cannabis buds (Gorilla Girl®)
  • 150ml of olive oil
  • Preparation:

    The first step is to grind your cannabis very well and eliminate the stems or twigs that may be present.

    To ensure that the process of decarboxylation occurs, you can cook the crushed cannabis flowers in the oven at 110 ºC for one hour.

    Then we mix the cannabis with 150 ml of olive oil and put it to heat in a bain-marie. This means that we should use a saucepan with water over medium heat – without allowing it to reach the boiling point -, and over that saucepan we will put a jar or container with the olive oil.

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    Let it cook for two or three hours over low heat. Remember to stir from time to time.

    When the time has passed, filter the cannabis oil with the help of a cloth strainer or coffee filter.

    Let the cannabis oil rest until it gets to room temperature. Once our special oil is at room temperature, you can refrigerate it and store it for two months in the fridge.

    Enjoy your cannabis olive oil in many dishes and recipes


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