Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® – Grow-report of a fast visit to a candy shop

When Sweet Seeds® released the first F1 Fast Version® strains in 2013, just like all the growers I was extremely curious about these varieties and as most growers I had reasonable doubts about the quality and production of these ultra fast-flowering strains. By then, it seemed hard to believe that yield and all the organoleptic qualities of the final product could remain intact while the plants may be harvested 1 to 2 weeks earlier when compared to their original versions.

After growing them I was very positively surprised by another amazing new concept in which the Spanish seed bank Sweet Seeds® was pioneer. When I had my first chance to get a couple of packets of the recently released Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® (SWS73) I immediately sprouted 9 seeds to test this new strain from the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection in my grow closet with 80cm x 80cm and 160cm of height (0,64m2). I used a 400w HPS lamp, a 100mm RVK extractor and two small fans to enhance air circulation inside the growing area.

6 of the 9 seeds sprouted within the first 48 hours and the other 3 seeds sprouted a couple of days after. They were first planted in small 500ml pots and then vegged with 20/4 for about 24 days. In the first 9 days they were placed under CFL lights because this type of lighting allows the grower to place the plants very close to the light as there is no significant heat produced by the bulbs. This prevents the plants from stretching too much. By the 10th day from germination, I turned the HPS light on and started with a distance of 60cm between the bulb and the plants. This distance was then gradually reduced, 5cm every couple of days, until I got to the shortest distance possible: 35cm in this case.

At around day 20 from germination the 9 plants were transplanted to the final 11 litre pots with a good light and airy soil bought in a growshop, especially designed for cannabis growing. The photoperiod was changed to 12/12 at day 24 from germination and the plants started to show the first pistils about 6 days after the photoperiod change. As the soil mix was rich in nutrients, the plants found enough food on it for 3 or 4 weeks, so I only started to use liquid fertilizers when they entered the 3rd week of flowering.

After 15 days of 12/12 the first flowers started to gain shape but the plants were still stretching. All the plants developed a good number of strong and flexible side branches around a big main cola and most of the branches had a perfect light exposition. When I saw the first yellowing signs in some leaves, I started feeding the plants with organic bloom liquid fertilizer, using half the dosage advised by the fertilizer brand. I also used a flowering stimulator to improve flower and trichome production.

With 5 weeks of 12/12 I knew that harvest was not that far away, so I gave them the final dose of liquid fertilizer and at day 39 I performed a flush to wash all the traces of fertilizer from the soil in order to get a clean final product with the original tastes and aromas of Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version®.

In the final 2 weeks of flowering the plants also show a very fast maturing and the aromas take over the room with cotton candy notes. The aroma of Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® is sweet and fruity, with tones of chewing gum and fruit jellies, mixed with hints of acid strawberry and mature melon. As I prefer to harvest the plants a bit more mature than most of the growers, the plants were harvested with 52 days of flowering, but they could have perfectly been harvested 4-6 days earlier.

Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® allows for a well balanced effect standing between body relaxation and mind stimulation. It is possible to get a bit of euphoria, but totally controllable and with the possibility of performing creative work. It is ideal to play music, write or go to a party but, at the same time, when you want to take a rest, you can do it and feel very pleasantly relaxed. This strain is definitely the key to get a delicious stash in the shortest time frame possible. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Sweet smokes and happy fast growing!

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Article extracted from Dolce Vita magazine nº 77
Text: @Sweet Seeds®