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In 2021, we are definitely hoping for a complete turnaround, that is, a return to enjoying normality and hugging each other. Here at Sweet Seeds® we have always endeavoured to make our seed bank something extraordinary – besides producing the highest quality seeds, we have built our know-how on our close relationship with you, our customers.

This means we can be sure of offering you the best seeds for your enjoyment and this year we are proud to present six new very special strains.

First up we have the autoflowering, high-yield and extra large Runtz XL Auto® (SWS88). An authentic American bombshell with its strong effects and flavour.

Next up is the revolutionary and potent “Super Strong” Bruce Banner Auto® (SWS91). This autoflowering strain, which produces really high THC levels of up to 25%, is sure to become one of your favourites.

Our third innovation is Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto® (SWS89) – its name says it all, the perfect introduction. An extra large, “Super Strong”, autoflowering strain with red and purple flowers and a short time to harvest.

The next strain is another new member of The Red Family: Red Strawberry Banana Auto® (SWS90). These plants are excellent for high-quality, aromatic resin extractions with a purple hue that astonish many of our customers.

Sweet Cherry Pie® (SWS92) is a new photoperiod-dependent strain for 2021. With an American genetic background, these seeds will become a firm favourite with fans of indica–sativa hybrids.

The last of our novelties is Purple Punch OG® (SWS93), the result of crossing two internationally renowned, award-winning strains. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants to prepare high concentration resin extractions.

All six new strains feature highly productive, top-quality genetics, coupled with especially aromatic, resinous buds, feminization rates of 99,9% and germination rates of over 95% – all of which is evidence of our commitment to offering our customers unbeatable quality. To put a smile on your face in 2021, we have a special offer on all of our seed packets – get 1 seed for free in packs of 3 seeds, and 2 for free in packs of 5 seeds.

Thanks for your attention!
All the best from the Sweet Seeds® team.

Photoperiod-dependent: Strains that flower according to the number of hours of light that they receive.
Autoflowering (aka Automatic): Strains that start flowering when they reach to a specific lifetime, regardless of the hours of light that they receive.
F1 Hybrid: The first resulting generation of the hybridization between two different and stable varieties.
S1: First resulting generation from the Self-pollination of an individual.
S2: Second generation of self-pollination.
F1 Fast Version®: Photoperiod-dependent strains with fast flowering. F1 hybrids between photoperiod-dependent and autoflowering strains.
3G, 4G, 5G… (in Autoflowering): Identifies the generational steps and not the generations themselves. We established a new generational step every time the presence of Cannabis Ruderalis genetic in the autoflowering strains is reduced. It is usually due to the cross with photoperiod-dependent genetics.

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