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We enter this new season with a renewed sense of illusion, reinvigorated enthusiasm, and new strains! But above all, we have an excellent network of physical and online grow shops that have chosen Sweet Seeds® as their partner. We are honored to support everyone who has had to struggle through a very difficult 2022 and are still striving to keep our sector as alive and kicking as ever. Here at Sweet Seeds® we are still campaigning for the legalization of the consumption and cultivation of our ancestral plant. 

And we’d like to thank you, from the long-term collector of Sweet Seeds® genetics to those who are choosing our seeds for the first time, we thank you sincerely for being our driving force. This year, we hope you get the chance to enjoy our classic strains, as well as six new ones that are genuine explosions of aroma and flavor. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the photoperiod-dependent strains.

Most growing enthusiasts are already well aware of the virtues of our photoperiod-dependent F1 Fast Version® strains. They were first launched in 2013 and their popularity has grown exponentially since then thanks to their super-quick flowering. For 2023, we are proud to add two new F1 Fast Version® strains to our catalog: 

The first is Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez F1 Fast Version® (SWS105): This vigorous hybrid, photoperiod-dependent strain is highly resinous, potent, and aromatic. Fans of Zkittlez genetics have really hit the jackpot, and this new strain is strongly recommended for you.

Our second new strain is Strawberry Cola Sherbert F1 Fast Version® (SWS106): This is an ultra-fast flowering, photoperiod-dependent strain with red flowers. It is an indica/sativa polyhybrid, although predominantly indica. It has a happy, relaxing effect. We recommend this strain for that special moment of reflective introspection. 

Of course, we also have some new autoflowering strains. 

Our autoflowering strains are highly appreciated by collectors of marijuana genetics for their stability and high yields. As always, these new auto strains have been developed according to our rigorous quality criteria. We are sure many of them will be chosen by even the most discerning collectors.  

Following the current trend and demand for US genetics, we have created four new autoflowering strains for 2023: 

The first up is Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto® (SWS101): Two excellent strains with a US heritage that have been crossed and stabilized to produce these extra-large autoflowering plants. Produces highly resinous, aromatic buds. If you like seeds that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, then we recommend these for your collection.

The next incorporation also has US roots and we’re sure it’s going to become a favorite: Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez XL Auto® (SWS102) produces extra-large plants with a delicious, highly spiced, Sour Diesel aroma. It has an energetic, happy effect that really helps stimulate your creativity.

We are sure the third new autoflowering strain for this year’s catalog is going to triumph: Orange Apricot Glue XL Auto® (SWS103) is a cross of Orange Apricot x MAC with our very own famous Gorilla Girl XL Auto® (SWS82).  

If you have tried our Gorilla Girl® family, then you can imagine that this new strain is an explosion of aromas, very potent, and worthy of the most discerning of collectors.

And lastly, our novel autoflowering red, whose beauty and quality have left us speechless, Red Mimosa XL Auto® (SWS104). This strain goes right in at the top of our Red Family genetics. With a mainly indica character, it has good yields of dense, compact buds. If you’re an enthusiast of red genetics, this US strain is a must for your collection.

You are sure to find the ideal seeds among the new incorporations and classic strains in our catalog, and you can rest assured that they all have feminization rates of around 99.9% and germination rates of over 95%.

And for yet another year, we shall continue to give you 1 or 2 seeds free with each pack of 3 or 5 seeds, respectively. The free seeds are the same strain and quality.

And new for this year, participate in our 25,000 seed draw to be among the lucky 1,000 winners! Ask for details on how to enter at your local grow shop or scan the QR code on seed packs for more information. 

We hope you have a sweet, exquisite year collecting genetics.

Thanks for choosing us!

From the Sweet Seeds® team

Autoflowering (aka automatic):
Varieties that start flowering when they reach to a specific lifetime, regardless of the hours of light that they receive.
3G, 4G, 5G, 6G... (in autoflowering): Identifies the generational steps and not the generations themselves. We established a new generational step every time the presence of Cannabis Ruderalis genetic in the autoflowering varieties is reduced. It is usually due to the cross with photoperiod-dependent genetics.
Photoperiod Dependent: Varieties that flower depending on the number of hours of light that they receive. 
F1 hybrid: The first resulting generation of the hybridization between two different and stable varieties.
S1: First resulting generation from the self-pollination of an individual.
S2: Second generation of self-pollination.
The Red Family: Family group of strains from the Sweet Seeds® catalog that develops purple or reddish tones.
F1 Fast Version®: Photoperiod-dependent varieties with fast flowering. F1 hybrids between photoperiod-dependent and autoflowering varieties.

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