The story of the emperor sativa: Jack Herer

Jack Herer

The best hybrid there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be

Ever since Jack Herer debuted on the cannabis scene the strain was an instant classic. The rumours circulating during the early 1990s surrounding the creation of a modern marijuana masterpiece by Dutch master breeders in Amsterdam were confirmed when Jack Herer scooped first prize in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup de 1994. This spectacular sativa-dominant hybrid defied the influx of Afghani genetics that would take over grow-ops in the coming decades. Living up to her namesake the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer was fighting against the status quo too.

Jack Herer electrifies the grey matter with an ethereal high that no sativa sybarite can deny. The early Kush hybrids couldn’t touch her soaring cerebral effect or sky-high 22% THC potency. A half dozen more HTCC trophies and first prize awards at every other international cannabis competition of note would etch the name Jack Herer in every cannabis-users brain as the best head stash of all time.

The original medical cannabis strain

You might be surprised to hear that Jack Herer was the first herbal cannabis available on prescription in Dutch pharmacies during the 1990s. A sativa-dominant high THC and less than 1% CBD content hybrid was the very first variety to be accepted by the medical cannabis community.

Now with the advances in chemical analysis, we know more about the terpene profile that has been the secret ingredient for her crossover success. As a terpinolene dominant strain with secondary terps including Alpha-phellandrene, Beta-phellandrene, 3-carene, and Alpha-terpinene the distinct fresh piney floral fragrance with citrus and peppery undertones of Jack Herer is no longer a mystery. These terps are believed to have many medicinal properties and play a role in maintaining the signature paranoia-free psychoactive effects. Jack Herer was once upon a time the most vaped strain by patients on the planet.

The four phenotypes of the sativa apocalypse

The reputed recipe for the original Jack Herer blend is Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk #1, while others speculate it was the result of crossing an unknown Haze hybrid with Shiva Skunk. Regardless of her precise pedigree, we can all agree she is a remarkable sativa-dominant gourmet blend.

However, with four phenotypes to contend with and a Christmas-tree growth pattern, homegrowers found her a little too hot to handle. Three phenos are medium to large size plants with wide internodal spacing and slender fingered sativa leaves. The fourth is more compact with wider indica leaves and overall the least preferred.

The three sativas are sweet, lemon, and peppery corresponding to their unique individual flavour profile and particular odour.

Scarcity has helped to keep this precious sativa on the top-shelf of dispensaries to the present day. Grandmasters mostly preserved the sweet pheno of choice and kept it to themselves in perpetuity through clones. Fortunately, Sweet Seeds® have come to the ordinary decent home growers rescue with our outstanding Jack Herer hybrids.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist using our own Sweet sativa pheno of Jack Herer into our breeding programs. In fact, Jack Herer genetics have contributed to many of our most popular seeds in all categories of the Sweet Seeds® catalogue. Jack Herer still has universal appeal.

The legend lives on

Jack Herer buds and swollen colas with their thick coat of resin and vibrant orange/red hairs can still rival the frostiest modern cannabis. Although mature plants can grow to statuesque sativa proportions Jack Herer has always had a reputation as a highly resistant strain that can survive rough treatment and harsh conditions. This is often overlooked with the focus on her potency but toughness is another amazing attribute of the strain.

Moreover, Jack Herer has so many desirable characteristics that you’d expect every seedbank to be breeding with her genetics if they were lucky enough to have original breeding stock. Even with an elite clone, that’s only half the battle because you still need the perfect partner to create the next generation of game-changing hybrids. The legend continues at Sweet Seeds®.

The Black Jack® collection

Pairing the dreamy heavy indica Black Domina with our Jack Herer was a marriage made in ganja heaven. Our Black Jack® (SWS01) photoperiod indica-sativa hybrid gained such an enormous cult following so fast we were compelled to continue our R&D with the genetics. The trademark head-body balanced high of Black Jack coupled with a high flower to leaf ratio has been successfully introduced to still more hybrids. With a reduced flowering time, Black Jack F1 Fast Version® (SWS49) can complete bloom in just 7 weeks. For autoflowering aficionados, we developed the compact Black Jack Auto® (SWS21) that can race to harvest in a total of 9 weeks. Medical growers can take advantage of our easy cropping CBD-rich Black Jack CBD® (SWS68) and become self-sufficient in medical cannabis.


The Jack 47® collection

And we’re not done yet. We’ve got more Jack Herer hybrid firepower to share with growers. Our Jack Herer and AK-47 photoperiod 24% THC hybrid Jack 47® (SWS08) was another explosive success story that spawned an autoflowering dynasty of her own. Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31) is a favourite of microgrowers, she might be pint-sized, but she is packing a 21% THC punch. Last but definitely not least the deluxe version Jack 47 XL Auto® is a powerhouse that can produce an enormous 200 g per plant mother lode harvest in just 9 weeks from seed. And last but not least Jack 47 F1 Fast Version® ultra-fast flowering photodependent version.

Jack 47® Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31) Jack 47 XL Auto® Jack 47 F1 Fast Version® (SWS31)

Jack Herer will continue to be in the genetic mix at Sweet Seeds® and there will be more dank hits to come.

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