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Paisa Grow Seeds- Kush del Arriero

Paisa Grow Seeds- Kush del Arriero


It is our variety more indicates by difference, far exceeding the soganjah. It is a plant of an early flowering and short internodal distance. 

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It is our variety more indicates by difference, far exceeding the soganjah. It is a plant of an early flowering and short internodal distance. The muleteer's Kush is 100% full-blown. which makes it a very grateful variety in its cultivation both indoors and outdoors. It has large and broad leaves of strong green color. Sweet, aniseed and very penetrating smell, Make it a devastating kush. Very easy to grow, for its rapid flowering and few nutritional needs. which makes it especially suitable for the cultivation of beginners or novices. It is optimal for balcony or terrace crops where we do not want very large specimens. Its aroma is something very special that we have rarely tasted in such sweet Kush specimens.

A muleteer is a person who works transporting goods such as coffee, straw, cork, wheat, coal, machinery and many others, loaded mainly on the backs of mules, given the strength of these animals. The muleteer is responsible for lowering and always walking to standing in the middle of the mules, that they make their routes, usually very extensive, and that the mules comply with transporting the valuable merchandise that they carry in a reliable and safe way to the place of destination. In addition to the mule as the main means of transport, the muleteers from different parts of the Colombian territory and the world have also used horses, donkeys and oxen for transport, but on a smaller scale, since the latter animals are slower, more clumsy or unstable compared to the mule. In Colombia, they are typical of the departments of Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, which sustained the economy of this region for several centuries and colonized part of the national territory, the so-called paisa region, in times between the eighteenth century and the twentieth century , and even today, 21st century. In addition to sustaining the economy of Antioquia and the coffee sector, the arrieros forged and left legates even more important than the economic one, they constitute the center of the founding myth of the regional cultural identity. They developed a way of being unique and their own that stayed forever in the country, including the contemporary country.


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