Presentation 2018

In the last few years there has been an explosion of cannabis strains rich in CBD (Cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with multiple therapeutic applications, which caused the designations of “medicinal” or “therapeutic” widely given to these strains.

At Sweet Seeds® we are proud to present for another year our aromatic feminized strains, which are the result of a painstaking work of selection and an enormous passion for breeding the best cannabis genetics.

This season we present the first “CBD-pure” cannabis strain from Sweet Seeds®: Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65), with very low levels of THC, generally lower than 1%, and high Cannabidiol (CBD) levels, standing between 8% and 15%. A strain specially designed to satisfy therapeutic cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychotropic effects of THC.

In addition, for this 2018 season, we present six new CBD-Rich cannabis strains: four of them are photoperiod-dependent versions of classics from our catalog: Cream Caramel CBD® (SWS67), Black Jack CBD® (SWS68), Ice Cool CBD® (SWS69), Green Poison CBD® (SWS70) and a fifth photoperiod-dependent CBD-rich strain with genetics coming from the USA: Chem Beyond Diesel® C.B.D. (SWS66). This season we also present a new autoflowering CBD-rich genetic, our Honey Peach Auto CBD® (SWS64).

In the last few years we have been investigating and working with genetics coming from the USA. Besides the previously mentioned Chem Beyond Diesel® C.B.D., this allows us to present a remarkable new American genetic with THC levels of up to 25%Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), the result of a cross between two of the most powerful genetics from the USA, Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies.

Regarding “F1 Fast Version®” strains we introduce Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® (SWS73).The fast-flowering (6-7 weeks) photoperiod-dependent version of our Crystal Candy® (SWS58), a genetic awarded with the 1st Prize to the Best Indica in the last Spannabis Champions Cup – Barcelona – 2017.

At Sweet Seeds® we have been pioneers in R&D of the modern autoflowering strains. In the last few years we presented new families within this type of strains, as our red-flowered autoflowering strains “The Red Family” or our tall-stemmed autoflowering strains “Big Devil Family®” or the “AUTO XL” genetics.

For this 2018 season we present a new autoflowering strain, Green Poison XL Auto® (SWS71), the tall-stemmed version of one of the most appreciated autoflowering strains from our catalog, 25% taller than its predecessor, our Green Poison Auto® (SWS30) and also featuring higher flower and resin production.

To finish the new strains for this season, in the photoperiod-dependent section, we introduce our version of the famous genetic Amnesia, Sweet Amnesia Haze® (SWS72). This strain is a fast-flowering Sativa with an outstanding quality, exquisite aroma and fast flowering, resulting from the cross between two exceptional Amnesia elite clones.

This season of 2018 at Sweet Seeds® we celebrate the trust of the cannabic scene in our seeds since 2005. We want to thank you for these 13 years with 1 and 2 free seeds in every 3 and 5 seed packages respectively. You can check the duration of this offer here.

With collective bulk purchasing and members of cannabis clubs in mind, in the 2015 season we presented new packaging formats of 25 and 100 seeds of some of the most famous Sweet Seeds® strains. This season we enlarge the number of varieties that are available in these formats.

In the 2014 season we introduced our “Sweet Mix Autopackage, with the purpose of offering high-quality autoflowering seeds at an affordable price, fit to the present period of financial crisis. To complete our offer of high-quality affordable seeds, in the 2015 season we also presented the new “Sweet Mix Feminized” package, with a mix of 10 seeds randomly selected among all the photoperiod-dependent strains from the Sweet Seeds® collection.

Sweet Seeds® select each seed one by one and after a careful inspection only the best ones are packed. Our seeds are stored in a low humidity and temperature environment. This is how we ensure the best preservation of their germinative potential.

When our seeds are packed they passed germination tests with a viability of 95%. At Sweet Seeds® we only pack high quality and high yielding genetics, very resinous and especially aromatic, with a femininity rate of around 99,9%. This is our quality compromise with our clients.

The seeds are packed inside a small plastic tube, transparent and rigid, protecting the seeds while allowing their observation to the client. They are presented in different packaging formats: 3+1 seeds, 5+2 seeds, 25 seeds and 100 seeds. And for more information in the backside of the packet you can find the date when the seeds were produced.

The appearing of high quality feminized seeds led to a genetic revolution that improved the quality of cannabis seeds and deeply transformed the collections of enthusiasts of these marvellous plants.  At Sweet Seeds®we are one of the pioneer seedbanks that have contributed to the fact that nowadays feminized seeds became the favourite of cannabis growers around the world.

All the strains in our catalog are especially aromatic, productive and adapted to the requirements of indoor growing under artificial lighting. The excellence of the aromas and the dense production of trichomes has been one of the Sweet Seeds® identity hallmark since the beginning.

Thank you!
Kind regards from the Sweet Seeds® Team.

Photoperiod-dependent: Strains that flower according to the number of hours of light that they receive.
Autoflowering (aka Automatic): Strains that start flowering when they reach to a specific lifetime, regardless of the hours of light that they receive.
F1 Hybrid: The first resulting generation of the hybridization between two different and stable varieties.
S1: First resulting generation from the Self-pollination of an individual.
S2: Second generation of self-pollination.
F1 Fast Version®: Photoperiod-dependent strains with fast flowering. F1 hybrids between photoperiod-dependent and autoflowering strains.
3G, 4G, 5G… (in Autoflowering): Identifies the generational steps and not the generations themselves. We established a new generational step every time the presence of Cannabis Ruderalis genetic in the autoflowering strains is reduced. It is usually due to the cross with photoperiod-dependent genetics.