Sweet Seeds® top 5 photoperiod-dependent strains

Seeds… A collection of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.  In today’s post we bring you our HIGHEST suggestions! But first, are you completely familiar with the meaning of photoperiod-dependent?

These seeds are characterised by producing plants that flower according to a highly important factor: the number of hours of light and darkness they receive.

If you decide to grow your plants outdoors, they will start to flower when the hours of light start to decrease and the hours of darkness increase. If you prefer growing indoors with the aid of artificial light, in this case the plants will flower when they are in darkness for at least 12 hours non-stop per day.

But let’s get down to business. We know that you love our photoperiod-dependent seeds because you send us loads of photos of your plants through social media – it’s crazy! We want to thank you, so we are rewarding you all with this Sweet Seeds® TOP 5 of photoperiod-dependent strains

We know you will find it helpful if you are unsure about which seeds to grow!

  1. Success in a seed: Cream Caramel® (SWS04)
  2. We have lost track of how many awards our Cream Caramel® has received in recent years. These seeds are created from some of our best indica strains, Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.
    Its intense caramel flavour will instantly teletransport you to your favourite local sweetshop. People class its aroma as potent, sweet and earthy – 3 in 1! And better still, it is perfect for growing indoors as well as a bud-producing machine when grown outside!

    However, you will face one dilemma: when the buds appear on its multiple lateral branches, will you hug it or smoke it? Finally, it has an antidepressant and relaxing effect – what more could you ask for?

  3. Green, oh how I love you so! And I also love Green Poison® (SWS14).
  4. Will you go for our TOP 2? We definitely will. Green Poison® is an indica hybrid known for its high yields, quick growth and strong Skunk aroma.

    This strain is another champion from our catalogue; it has won no less than 18 different awards!! But we don’t like to boast.

    Genetically it contains 70% indica and 30% sativa, so it is particularly relaxing, but still maintains a stimulating effect. Green Poison® is also very popular among our customers since it is easy to grow and well-suited to rainy climates because it is ready for harvest just before the autumn rains arrive.

    This is thanks to its rapid flowering stage.

    If you want a flowering machine, this is your seed. There is no doubt about it!

  5. The newest of the new: Do-Sweet-Dos® (SWS80).
  6. At the beginning of the year we presented Do-Sweet-Dos®; one of the most relaxing and delicious hybrids in the Cookies family, developed from meticulously selected elite female clones of Do-Si-Dos  [OGKB (Girl Scout Cookies x unknown strain) x Face-Off OG BX1].

    In this case, their indica structure predominates at 65% compared to 35% sativa. It is only a matter of time before you try it and are left speechless. Its taste, aroma and resin production always remind growers of its main ancestor: Girl Scout Cookies.

    Once you sample its potent and yet pleasant effect, you will not want to see the end of your crop. Just ask the dispensaries of medicinal cannabis in California whose customers find it the perfect choice for the treatment of anxiety or migraine.

  7. A very hairy beast, but with more love than hair: Gorilla Girl® (SWS74)
  8. One of the monsters from the Sweet Seeds® catalogue can be found roaming between jungles. Our Gorilla Girl® is 4th in the photoperiod-dependent ranking for some very obvious reasons: it is a THC machine, it has an incredibly potent effect and, furthermore, it is well known for its extremely high production of resinous buds. Do you need any more reasons? Well we shall give you even more motives.

    Genetically, it comes from a cross of Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies, which both have American genes and are known for their amazing effects. The plants are an indica–sativa hybrid with high levels of THC; in ideal growing conditions, they can even reach up to 25% – which is genuinely mind-blowing!

    The strain’s most notable feature is its high resin load. The plants are really lush at the end of the flowering stage and growers are always stunned when they see the calyxes completely soaked in resin.

  9. The power of a seed: Jack 47® (SWS08)
  10. A cross between two genetic bombs, Jack Herer x AK 47, give rise to the explosion of our Jack 47® and we are eternally grateful.

    Without them, we would not be able to present our bud-generating machine. Speaking of which, the buds are full of luxuriant resin and emit a sweet, vivid aroma with a touch of lemon.

    Among growers, these plants are known for their ability to adapt to all types of cultivation. Additionally, they produce healthy, resistant cuttings that root within around 7 days.

We have reached the end of our TOP 5 of photoperiod-dependent strains. To be honest, after reading this article we are not sure which seed we should choose.

Which ones will you grow?


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