Top 5 The Red Family Sweet Seeds®

The passion of any grower for the colors shown by our The Red Family strains usually turns out to be like a spell. Their purple, reddish or bluish tones leave us with a wide range of possible strains to grow. Here you have it as simple as possible in this The Red Family Top 5.

1. The purple jewel of the crown: Dark Devil Auto® (SWS38)

One of the most beautiful purple flowers in our catalog is displayed by our Dark Devil Auto®. Many growers tend to fall in love with this plant in its flowering stage.

This preciousness is the result of the hybridization between our Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28) and an extraordinary purple-flowered autoflowering genetic. A jewel that, in addition, inherits that interesting purple character from its ancestors from the Chitral area in the Hindu Pakistani Kush.

Fast, aromatic and vigorous: these are the most suitable adjectives to characterize this beauty of our red family. Its potent hybrid vigor with an indica-sativa appearance is unleashed just a few days after germination with a very fast development of a strong main stem and many side branches. A perfect ornament in any house!

In just 8 and a half weeks it is ready to harvest, both indoors and outdoors. When the time comes to enjoy its incredible resin production you will hallucinate!

2. Sweet and “naughty”: the way of our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39)

Our Red Poison Auto® is the resulting hybrid from the cross between one of the most awarded strains from the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection, Green Poison® (SWS14), and a purple-flowered autoflowering strain from Pakistani Kush ancestors.

This strain shows all its potential from the first days of growth, giving way to the formation of a strong and robust stem and long side branches. Another interesting feature of our second candidate is the overwhelming spectacle of buds offered to the grower.

A sweet and intense touch stands out against a subtle Skunk background to compose the inimitable aroma of our Dark Devil Auto®.

Like our Dark Devil Auto®, it will only need 8 weeks from germination to reach the outstanding height of between 60 and 120 cm at its ideal point of maturity.

3. The intense and flirty Bloody Skunk Auto® (SWS44)

Another favorite “daughter” of the red family is our Bloody Skunk Auto®. This strain is an explosion of colors that decline from pink to purple. Such show of colors comes from the cross between a selected strain of Red Poison Auto®, which gives that reddish hue to the flowers, and our Sweet Skunk Auto (SWS34) that guarantees a deep and delicious Skunk aroma.

The highlight of its charm is undoubtedly its fir structure composed of impressive branches and resinous buds. All this without neglecting its friendly and relaxing effect that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Such a beauty deserves to be in your growing area!

4. A seed with a lot of “height”: Devil Cream Auto® (SWS45)

In fourth place we present our Devil Cream Auto®, a genetic born from the cross between two powerful strains: Black Cream Auto® x Dark Devil Auto®®. Their purple tones, so characteristic of our The Red Family, are obviously inherited from their parents.

It is an exuberant polyhybrid, with an imposing main cola adorned with profuse side branches. Its flowers will give you a powerful brain experience while immediately relaxing your body.

It is a tall plant in our red family: some plants reach over a meter of height in just two months after germination. It usually ends up with an height of between 70 and 120 cm.

Its unique aroma with a touch of sweet lemon and a hint of incense, invites you to repeat the growing experience again and again.

Like its red family sisters, our Devil Cream Auto® will be ready for harvest in 8 weeks from germination.

5. The red temptation: Black Cream Auto®

Last but not least, we have our Black Cream Auto®, a super hybrid that is born from the cross between our sweet Cream Caramel® (SWS04) and a beautiful strain of purple flowers and Pakistani Kush ancestors.

Featuring an indica structure, with buds of great visual impact and copious amounts of lush resin adorning its abundant side branches.

Some earthy tones complete the sweet aroma of our Black Cream Auto®. An outstanding and unique fragrance that will invade and conquer your palate!


Five strains, five purple jewels. Which will be the chosen one for your next crop?

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