We’re still celebrating, Bob Marley’s birthday!

Cumpleaños Bob Marley

¡Los 74 de Bob Marley!

February 6th isn’t just another day in the Sweet Seeds® calendar, since we are celebrating Robert Nesta Marley’s birthday from here. Who is he? If we say Bob Marley, does it sounds more familiar?

Uno de los propulsores del ‘movimiento rastafari’

Bob Marley was one of the ‘Rastafarian movement’ promoters that raised hands and lighters of an audience always faithful to the values that the Jamaican composer promoted around the world: freedom, equality and respect.

Today, in Sweet Seeds® we want to make a toast for his inedit phrase “keep what you have, forget what hurts you, fight for what you want, value what you possess, forgive those who hurt you and enjoy those who love you”.

His name, never forgotten, has sounded loud again in the media for business reasons. One of his sons has just bought the Spanish cannabis company Feria Del Canamo, SL, who are the responsibles for making the biggest parties every year in one of the most important cannabis tradeshow in our country: Spannabis.

On the other hand, the group High Times Holding Corp, High Times magazine’s owners are behind the 3 million euros in transaction.

Next 15th, 16th and 17th March, will take place the awaited hemp tradeshow, Spannabis, where Sweet Seeds®, one more year, will be there with new games and surprises for everybody whowants to walk by our stand for sharing new experiences with all our staff.

See you in Spannabis? We wait for you!

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