Cream Mandarine Auto® (SWS29): There’s only one! And it’s produced by Sweet Seeds®

Cream Mandarine Auto

The history of this strain is marked by the year it was launched – 2012. Since then a long list of seed banks have tried to copy our mandarin-flavoured bombshell, but it’s impossible to reproduce its true nuances, unless you know its secrets.

Growers across the globe have enjoyed the chance to cultivate this delicious strain, available in both indoor and outdoor varieties

They all agree on one thing; Cream Mandarine Auto® is a very special and unique strain. This is thanks to both the taste it leaves on the palate and the aromas it gives off throughout the different stages of its cultivation. Let’s get to know her a little better!


Our Cream Mandarine Auto® was developed by crossing a strain very close to our hearts, the Cream Caramel Auto® (SWS22), with its elevated and potent production, with an elite clone of our Ice Cool® (SWS06), strain, which intensifies the citric mandarin aromas that we all love so much.

We’ve protected Cream Mandarine Auto® as a registered trademark in order to differentiate and guarantee the authenticity of our seed strain.

Cream Mandarine Auto


There are so many adjectives we can use to describe the cultivation of this strain – dense, delightful, perfumed, exquisite, delicious, creamy – that the list could go on forever!

What is more, thanks to its incredible genetics, it can produce huge buds loaded with resin and that unmistakably strong, sweet aroma.

Do you know the best thing about growing Cream Mandarine Auto®? The whole experience is magic, but it is truly amazing towards the end of flowering, as this is when the plant’s flowers reveal a infinite range of shades, from purple to reddish hues.

In numbers

  • Structure: Indica: 60% | Sativa: 36,9% | Ruderalis: 3,1%
  • THC: 18-20%
  • CBD: up to 1.0%.
  • Indoor yields: 400-550g/m2
  • Outdoor yields: 45-170 g/plant
  • For both indoor and outdoor cultivation: plants will be ready 9 weeks after germination.
  • They reach a height of 50–110 cm.
  • Cream Mandarine Auto

    Are you still not sure?

    Don’t just take our word for it; the educator, social activist and pioneer of marijuana legalisation, Ed Rosenthal featured our Cream Mandarine Auto® in his latest publication ‘19 TOP Indica strains from around the world’, highlighting the high production, citric aromas and sweet flavours of this feminised indica autoflowering hybrid. He explains that the strain displays its incredible qualities while growing and guarantees great results once harvested. Rosenthal also points out that medicinal cannabis users have noted positive effects in cases of sleep disorders, anxiety or chronic pain.

    Now you know the secrets of Cream Mandarine Auto® success, we encourage you to discover it for yourself. We are sure you will enjoy every single day spent growing our Cream Mandarine Auto® and definitely come back for more!

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