Crystal Candy XL Auto®


3 sementes + 1 grátis 19,00 €
5 sementes + 2 grátis 31,00 €


A tall, fourth-generation autoflowering strain. It is produced by selecting and crossing tall examples of our Crystal Candy Auto® (SWS61) plants.

The genetics have been developed as part of a special programme within the Sweet Seeds® R+D Department designed to discover interesting, exquisite and subtly sweet aromas that evoke an olfactory sensation of sweet shops. The buds have a very sweet, fruity scent with aromatic tones of bubble gum and jelly beans, complemented by shades of acidic strawberries and ripe melons.

This strain produces large amounts of aromatic resin crystals and beautiful buds. The plants easily grow over 1 metre tall.

Ficha de Dados

Variedade SWS87
Indica: 60% / Sativa: 38,4% / Ruderalis: 1,6%
THC: 14-19% · CBD: 0,1%
Produção Interior: 425-650 g/m2
Produção Exterior: 60-300 g/planta
Colheita Interior/Exterior: 8 semanas depois da germinação
Altura: 90-140 cm