Sorbets, mandarins and cookies!

Your sweet and therapeutic 2019 with Sweet Seeds®

At Sweet Seeds® entering the last year of the decade concurs with the culmination of a meticulous search and selection of elite clones and its use in rigorous cannabis breeding programs in order to offer modern high-yielding and easy to grow hybrids featuring the wonderful aromas and flavors that are the hallmarks of our seed bank since its beginning.

For this new season of 2019 we present 6 new strains that will delight all the growers and cannabis lovers.

From the enthusiasts of the most sugary autoflowering and tall-stemmed strains, to the fans of American genetics, through users of medicinal and therapeutic cannabis, all those who try it will end up falling in love with the star of this season: an exquisite and colorful red-flowered strain that enlarges our The Red Family, but this time in photoperiod-dependent version.

Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® (SWS79)

Red-flowered plant with exceptional mandarin aroma

This new photoperiod-dependent red-flowered and ultra-fast flowering strain, our Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® (SWS79) arrives to show us its beauty and splendor. After several years of work in the search, selection and development of the most exquisite red-flowered varieties, with the final goal of satisfying the requests of a great number of Sweet Seeds® followers in social networks, who after the amazing success of the autoflowering strains of The Red Family, insistently asked us for a plant that could be equally good, equally beautiful and equally stable, but in a photoperiod-dependent version.

We wish the answer could have been immediate and we could have launched this strain 5 years ago, at the first moment our customers asked for it! But all good work has its rhythm and being able to offer a red-flowered strain with such aromatic perfection, where approximately 95% of the seeds produce red-flowered plants with the quality standards of Sweet Seeds®, takes its time.

Always with a positive attitude and enjoying the results of a well done job, we close the decade with an outstanding success. After finding a rare and unusual red-flowered phenotype with a wonderful aroma and intense mandarine flavor in a photoperiod-dependent elite clone of Tangie (California Orange x Skunk hybrid), we decided to cross it with our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39). The result is a red delight that we decided to call Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® for its select touches of mandarine. A very elegant plant, extremely resinous and with beautiful red flowers that are ready to be harvested in only 7-8 weeks from the change to the flowering photoperiod. Our passion for this project resulted in an aroma that is possibly the most exquisite of all the red-flowered strains in the market. Its powerful sweet and citrus mandarine aromas, with fresh brushstrokes of blue cypress, makes it an ideal choice for extractions of great aromatic quality, among the reddish and pink tones of the resulting resin.

Do-Sweet-Dos® (SWS80)

New in the extremely powerful and resinous “Cookies” family

We live in an era where high quality plants quickly set the trend, in a virtual world where one of the countries with the greatest cannabis tradition is the United States of America. Cannabis does not escape these tendencies and all the genetics that achieve great success in the USA also reach it in a short time all over the world, including Europe. Every year we get different elite clones from the USA that we select and hybridize with our classics to find new resulting strains with the power to delight even the most demanded requirements of cannabis grower.

In this way, using several selected female elite clones from Do-Si-Dos, as a starting point, we have developed a masterpiece of cannabis genetics. The name of this strain is inspired by the American cookie Do-Si-Dos and its sweet and aromatic flavors from the mixture of oatmeal and peanut butter, super famous among the “Girl Scout Cookies”. This strain is highly appreciated by medicinal cannabis users in California dispensaries to fight pain, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, etc. After a selection and improvement program we have achieved a final product that is even sweeter and more pleasant at the organoleptic level. This is how our Do-Sweet-Dos® (SWS80) was born, a strain of sweet and earthy aromas with a citrus and floral background. Its exuberant resin production and large size of the flowers are reminiscent of its ancestor Girl Scout Cookies. The effect of this strain is relaxing and powerful at the same time.

Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76)

Autoflowering of the family “Cookies”, very resinous and aromatic

Also from the United States of America, but with the selection, improvement and development of Sweet Seeds®, we are releasing the autoflowering version of one of the most powerful and famous American lines from the San Francisco Bay (California). Our brand new Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) is the result of the hybridization between Gelato, one of the most appreciated genetic of the Cookies family, and our Killer Kush Auto (SWS56), which is responsible for introducing the autoflowering genes in this delicious new strain of the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection. Our 5th generation autoflowering strain, Sweet Gelato Auto® features sweet and fruity aroma, with earthy tones combined with citrus and mint touches. The plants develop dense buds with a high production of long and large headed trichomes that turn it into a super resinous plant.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75)

Autofloreciente medicinal, rica en CBD y muy baja en THC

Whether as a sweet natural remedy or to enjoy a tasty cannabis smoke/vapor without psychotropic effects, our new Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75) arrives as a double premiere: it is our first 6th generation autoflowering strain, very far from the ruderalis ancestors, with only 0.4% of ruderalis genetics; and is also our first “CBD pure” autoflowering strain with very low levels of THC, between 0.4% and 0.9%, and high levels of CBD between 8% and 20%. With this strain you can enjoy smoking or vaporizing in those moments when you want to inhale something delicious but without the psychoactive effects of THC-rich cannabis. In the same way, this strain is very appropriate for therapeutic cannabis users who do not wish to experience the psychotropic effects of THC.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD® is the result of the hybridization, and subsequent selection of CBD-rich and low THC specimens, between our photoperiod-dependent Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS70) and our CBD-rich autoflowering strain Honey Peach Auto CBD® (SWS64). The aromas of this strain are sweet and fruity with citrus tones and hints of cypress. A “CBD pure” autoflowering strain with a very sweet and pleasant aroma, very similar to the aromas of modern hybrids we are used to. Minimum psychoactivity, maximum flavor.

Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77)

Now higher and more productive, with a scent of aged cheese

As if this extraordinary news were not enough, we left the greatest of all for the end. Our family of tall-stemmed autoflowering “XL Auto” strains grows and we present two new autoflowering strains to be grown in your closet or garden. To start, take a slice of bread and a big sheet of rolling paper, because we fill the dish with our famous aged and spicy cheese in extra large version: Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77), the perfect gift for your taste buds in this 2019. If you have ever tried our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33), in our catalog since 2012, you know exactly what we are talking about. But now you can fill even more the dish and your glass jars with a much larger plant (75-140 cm), and consequently more productive, ready to be harvested in only 8 weeks from the germination of the seeds. All this preserving the intense and characteristic sweet Skunk aroma of Sweet Cheese® (SWS19), with its previously mentioned shades of aged cheese and spicy touches combined with soft hints of lemon.

Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78)

Autoflowering high quality incensed aroma, now more productive

Another autoflowering strain of the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection that drinks from the magic potion of growth is our most famous and classic sativa dominant strain. Your garden for the 2019 season will be beautifully completed with the new Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78), developed through a recurrent selection program over several generations of high-yielding and tall-stemmed individuals of Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31). You can expect large plants (65-130 cm) with abundant compact buds, very resinous and with an excellent aroma. Besides its sweet and fresh aromas with lemon citrus and incense tones that make it so special, this strain is possibly one of the most powerful autoflowering strains.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to thank you for your trust in Sweet Seeds®, so we will keep up with the special offer of 1 and 2 free seeds in every packet of 3 and 5 seeds respectively, in addition to expanding the number of varieties available in packets of 25 and 100 seeds.

From Sweet Seeds® we enjoy making all our knowledge and passion for the wonderful cannabis plant available to growers, improving our genetics, expanding our lines and satisfying the requests of our friends and customers. In 2019 we have 6 sweet new strains for you! All of them with the quality standards and commitment of Sweet Seeds®: High quality cannabis genetics, very aromatic and resinous, with a percentage of femininity of around 99.9% and a germination rate higher than 95%. We hope you enjoy them! Sweet smokes and sweet vapors!

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