Nuevas Variedades: Crystal Candy® y Blow Mind Auto®


Crystal Candy®

For this new 2016 season at Sweet Seeds we are pleased to present two new strains with the expectation of fulfilling the delights of all the cannabis lovers.

At Sweet Seeds we have been pioneers in the development and investigation of the modern feminized and autoflowering strains. Along the last seasons our work in the development of new strains was mainly focused in increasing our offer of autoflowering strains, including new genetics, new aromas, tall-stemmed autoflowering strains such as the “Big Devil® Family” or the “XL” genetics, while also developing our range of purple flowered autoflowering strains from “The Red Family”. In the meanwhile we have also been very busy with the development of more fast flowering photoperiod-dependent strains from the “F1 Fast Version®” range.

For the new season we present two new strains. A photoperiod-dependent genetic, Crystal Candy® (variety SWS58), and an autoflowering genetic named Blow Mind Auto® (variety SWS57).



Crystal Candy®:

Feminized and photoperiod-dependent variety.

Crystal Candy®

One of the main characteristics of this strain is the curious and exquisite aroma. Along the last few years, in our constant search for new genetics and aromas, the Sweet Seeds breeders realized that some elite clones feature an exquisite aroma that suggests an aromatic feeling that is reminiscent of the sensation that we feel when we first enter in a candy shop. It is a very well balanced mix of subtle sweet and fruity aromas, with aromatic tones of chewing gum and fruit jellies, mixed with exotic hints that are reminiscent of acid strawberry and mature melon.

Crystal Candy® is the result of a special programme of the Sweet Seeds’ R&D Department focused to create a genetic hybrid with these aromatic elite clones, to which for now we will refer to as our “Secret Ingredients”.
Other relevant trait of this variety is the high production of resin crystals, producing a very high density of long, large-headed trichomes that totally cover the flowers and extend as snowy mountain chains along the flowers and their surrounding leaves.
The plants feature indica-sativa polihybrid structure, very vigorous and productive. They produce long side branches that are flexible enough to make it a very good choice for growing techniques from the SCROG type. On the other hand this strain produces a strong main stem and the flowers are thick and dense. By the end of flowering the branches are covered by large buds.


Blow Mind Auto®

Blow Mind Auto®:

Feminized and autoflowering variety. 4th generation autoflowering strain.

In the development of this variety we have used a famous and appreciated Amnesia Haze elite clone known as “Amnesia Cordobesa”. To introduce the autoflowering genes in this genetic we have used selected genetic lines of our 3rd generation autoflowering strain S.A.D.

Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto® (SWS24), which also contributes with a sweet and musky background.

This variety can be considered as a tall-stemmed autoflowering strain. By the end of flowering the plants reach to a final height of between 60 and 120cm. The plants are ready to be harvested 8-9 weeks after the germination of the seeds and appearance of the cotyledons.

Blow Mind Auto® is a very resinous and productive autoflowering genetic. The resin of this plant features a pleasant, deep and complex aroma of incense, with sweet and musky tones, complemented with lemony citric hints, shades of wood and dried fruit.



Other novelties:

With collective bulk purchasing and members of cannabis clubs in mind, in the 2015 season we presented new packaging formats of 25 and 100 seeds. These packaging formats turned out to be a huge success among our clients mainly due to their affordable price. All the 25 seed packages have a price of 100€ and all the 100 seed packages sell for 350€ (3,50€ per seed), making it possible to acquire high quality feminized seeds from a well-known seedbank at the most economic price in the market. Among the strains that are available in packages of 25 and 100 seeds we highlight some of the most famous and appreciated strains from the Sweet Seeds collection, such as Cream Caramel® (SWS04), Cream Caramel Auto® (SWS22), Green Poison® (SWS14), Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28), etc. This season we enlarge the number of varieties that are available in these formats.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that in the 2014 season we introduced our “Sweet Mix Auto”package, with the purpose of offering high-quality autoflowering seeds at an affordable price, fit to the present period of financial crisis. To complete our offer of high-quality affordable seeds, in the 2015 season we also presented the new “Sweet Mix Feminised” package, with a mix of 10 seeds randomly selected among all the photoperiod-dependent strains from the Sweet Seeds collection. The “Mix” packages are both available at the price of 35€.

Sweet smokes and a Happy 2016 Harvest.

Article extracted from the Weed World magazine 122