Top 5 autoflowering strains by Sweet Seeds®

We already had all the Top 5 strains per category featured in our blog, but… The Top 5 autoflowering strains by Sweet Seeds® was still missing!

Although many of you are already familiar with our autoflowering seeds, we can still make a brief review of the basic information in regards to these wonderful genetics.

Autoflowering strains start flowering regardless of the hours of light they receive. The only factor that triggers flowering in these strains is age. They start flowering when they get to the third week from germination.

There are many advantages of this type of strains. For example, they can be grown at any time of the year because flowering does not depend of the photoperiod from each season of the year.

Now, here is our Top 5 autoflowering strains.

1. Cream Mandarine XL Auto® (SWS55): the ‘XL’ mandarine aroma

Imagine arriving home, closing your eyes and breathing that fruity mandarine aroma… You can have it with our Cream Mandarine XL Auto®!

The success of this strain comes from several factors: it is the autoflowering tall-stemmed version of our Cream Mandarine Auto® (SWS29), (chosen by Ed Rosenthal among the 19 best indica strains in the world. An honor!) !); this original version was then hybridized with an Elite clone of Super Tai’98; and Super Tai’98 is responsible for providing our Cream Mandarine XL Auto® with that sativa character, greater height and a soft touch with its woody and dried fruits aromas.

On the other hand, the genetics of our Cream Mandarine Auto® contribute with the indica character, high production of flowers and resin and that citrus fruit aroma with a tangerine scent.

Do you know how high this plant can reach? Up to 150 cm!

2. Sweet Skunk Auto (SWS34): the “Skunkiest” touch of Sweet Seeds®

In the second position of the ranking we have a 3rd Generation autoflowering strain: our Sweet Skunk Auto. It is the resulting hybrid from the cross between an elite clone of Early Skunk and an autoflowering version of Critical Mass from the Sweet Seeds®’ R&D Department.

Why choose Sweet Skunk Auto? It features fast flowering while it is also a large producer of resin-covered flowers and dense buds. In addition it features an intense Skunk aroma with spicy notes and a very sweet background.

Among the characteristics of this plant, it is worth mentioning its 58% indica structure and 38.9% sativa.

Take note! Because, in addition, you will have it ready in just 7½ weeks from germination. ‘Express’ growing!

3. + Speed Auto (SWS27): fast growing indoors and outdoors

The third place is taken by our appreciated + Speed Auto.

This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between an autoflowering Critical Mass genetic line from the Sweet Seeds®’ R&D Department and a selected genetic line from our Speed Devil # 2 Auto® (SWS25). Both famous for their fast flowering and sweet aroma.

If you are looking for speed, this strain is perfect, as you only have to wait 7 weeks from germination to reach the most anticipated stage by any grower: harvest.

What does our special + Speed Auto have? It is a strain that produces large buds full of aromatic resin, provides a pleasant fruity aroma with tones of yeast and cheese and offers the perfect balance with its 48.4% indica and 48.5% sativa structure.

4. Crystal Candy Auto® (SWS61): aiting for a sweet harvest

Fourth, is our Crystal Candy Auto®. This autoflowering strain is born from the cross between our Crystal Candy® (SWS58) and an autoflowering strain with a very similar aroma: Sweet Special Auto (SWS35).

The genetics of the appealing Crystal Candy Auto® have been developed by the Sweet Seeds®’ R&D Department within an important program seeking for an enhancement of the sweetest aromas reminiscent of a candy shop. You will return to your childhood in the first toke!

Along the different stages of development, this strain gives off a very pleasant aroma similar to that which can be produced by chewing a fruit-flavoured jelly bean. A jelly bean… Or as many as you want!

In addition, our Crystal Candy Auto® is a magnificent producer of resin crystals, as well as huge buds. It is a plant capable of reaching 100 cm in height.

If you choose our Crystal Candy Auto® you will live the ‘sweet’ wait, as you will have it ready to harvest in just 8 weeks.

5. S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto® (SWS24)

In our Top 5 autoflowering strains we could not miss our S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto®.

This strain is born from the cross between our best 2nd Generation autoflowering strains and S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1®. It stands out for its high quality, compact buds and for its impressive resin production.

It can produce a strong effect from the first puffs, along with a special musky scent inherited from its Afghan ancestors.

How long do you have to wait to try it? Our S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto® (SWS24) will be ready in 8 weeks after germination.

We reached the end of the top 5 autoflowering strains by Sweet Seeds®, Do you know with which seed are you going to start your next crop?

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