Top 5 XL Sweet Seeds®

In the last few days we have been discussing in our social networks about the size of cannabis plats and how important it can be in your cannabis growing operations. If you are still not sure about the answer, maybe our Sweet Seeds® Top 5 XL can help you to figure it out. Here is a total of five tall-stemmed strains that can reach to an height of between 120 and 160 cm.

1. Cream Mandarine XL Auto® (SWS55): “XL” tangerine aroma

In the first place we have our intense and aromatic Cream Mandarine XL Auto®, a hybrid born from the cross between a selected genetic line of our Cream Mandarine Auto® (SWS29) and an elite clone of Super Tai’98. Brutal crossing!

On the one hand, it inherits the sativa structure from Super Tai ’98 genetics, as well as the woody and dried fruit aromas. On the other, from our Cream Mandarine Auto® (SWS29) it inherits its indica traits, such as its high resin and flower production with an intense tangerine aroma.

The powerful tangerine aroma makes it unmistakable for anyone who grows it. This 4th Generation autoflowering strain stands out for being tall.

In just 9 weeks from germination you will have your XL sized plants ready to harvest!

2. Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77): a “meal” of aged and spicy cheese

Keeping with our XL strains ranking we could not miss our appreciated Sweet Cheese XL Auto®. Aged and spicy cheese aromas all the way!

This 3rd Generation autoflowering strain is the tall-stemmed version of a classic from our catalog: Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33). It can produce TOP flavours and aromas!

This strain has the ‘power’ to produce not only taller plants but also greater amounts of resin and flowers when compared to its predecessor. In conclusion, XL production all the way.

While growing Sweet Cheese XL Auto® you will notice the famous sweet Skunk aroma with shades of aged and spicy cheese. In addition, you only have to be patient for about 8 weeks from germination to taste it.

Don’t miss out on trying one of our 2019 new strains!

3. Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78): the bud production “machine”..

Our Jack 47 XL Auto® is another leading character of the present year. It is also a 3rd Generation autoflowering strain.

It is the XL version of our autoflowering Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31).

This outstanding strain produces large buds along with great resin production and a sublime fresh aroma with lemony citrus tones.

You can enjoy the intense aroma from the early stages of flowering, where the plant also shows a powerful hybrid vigor. 9 weeks from germination to harvest this big-sized bomb!

As some growers of this strain have sneaked us … It is probably one of the most powerful genetics in the market!

4. Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28) nd its 160 cm tall.

The award for the tallest XL strain is taken by our Big Devil XL Auto®. But first, the presentations: it is a 3rd Generation autoflowering strain, the resulting hybrid from the crossing between our Big Devil #2 Auto® (SWS20) and an autoflowering Jack Herer from the Sweet Seeds®’ R&D Department.

And… What about its height? Here we go… It can produce plants with between 110 and 160 cm in height. A plant from which you can be proud of and show off to your friends. Although you can also be proud of it because of the density and thickness of its buds, as well as the resin produced by our Big Devil XL Auto®.

When we talk about its incense aroma with citrus tones of lemon, it makes our mouths water big time…

5. Green Poison XL Auto® (SWS71): appreciated by many, desired by all.

In the fifth place of the ranking you can find our Green Poison XL Auto®, a 3rd Generation autoflowering strain. This is the tall-stemmed version of one of our most beloved autoflowering strains: our Green Poison Auto® (SWS30).

With the XL version, this strain exceeds its predecessor in up to 25% in height, with higher yields and adding extra quality to the buds and resin.

To better understand its aroma we recommend you growing it, since its sweet fruity smell and the light tones of arugula and nuts will invade you.

And all it takes is 8 weeks from germination to enjoy the beauty of our Green Poison XL Auto®.


And that’s all about the Top 5 XL strains from Sweet Seeds®. So, in your opinion… Size matters?

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