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    The models TGL-220/3590 have a surface of 80cm in which we integrate the 4 points of light separated from each other so that we manage to cover more growing area with less consumption than other lamps that has the LEDs closer together.

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    The TGL-STAR 10 0 is designed to correctly illuminate the largest growing spaces with only 1 point of light. The STAR models are compact and very simple to hang in your wardrobe, also includes an additional "U" fastening that allows you to focus the light in more varied ways than the vertical.

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    The TGL-220 models have an area of 80cm in which we integrate the 4 points of light, separated from each other so that we can cover more growing area with less consumption than other lamps that have the LEDs closer together.

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  • 109,00 € In Stock

    The TGL-STAR 60 is our most economical lamp with a great quality / price ratio. Easy to install and with a very compact and solid design, you can use them both in small or special sizes cabinets or in larger spaces combining several units.

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  • 159,00 € In Stock

    The TGL-STAR 60/3590 is an improved version of the STAR 60 to which we have added an LED / COB Cree CXB3590 and a heatsink similar to STAR 100 making the LED work at a lower temperature.

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  • 366,00 € In Stock

    The light provided by the LEC lamps is easily absorbed by the plants, so we will not need less watts than with the HPS to obtain more abundant crops.

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  • 249,00 € In Stock

    Lumatek invented this reliable high frequency digital ballast that is used successfully in farming facilities around the world, using square wave technology to start and operate CMH lamps efficiently.

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  • 335,00 € In Stock

    The Kit CMH / LEC 630W by Lumatek is a new lighting kit for growing marijuana indoors.

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  • 364,00 € In Stock

    This light equipment consumes 630w but yields the same as a 1000w sodium lamp. It is possible to obtain yields between 1.2 g / w and 1.4 g / w without the need for extensive knowledge of farming techniques.

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  • 103,90 € In Stock

    600W Agrolite Sodium Lighting Kit for growth and flowering. It consists of: 1 x Stuco Aluminum reflector.1 x Ballast Agrolite Class 2 600 W.1 x Bulb Agrolite SHP 600W Mixed.

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  • 135,00 € In Stock

    Kit de iluminación De luxe Philips Son T Agro 400w es uno de los kits de iluminación para crecimiento y floración de mayores garantias de los que conforman la linea De luxe, ideal para crecimientos y floraciones en espacios de hasta 1 m2

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  • 225,00 € In Stock

    La última tecnología en iluminación aplicada a cultivos de marihuana en interior. LEC o Light Emitting Ceramic, también llamadas CMH o Halogenuro Metálico Cerámico, es el nuevo concepto en iluminación y superior a las típicas lámparas de vapor de sodio e incluso a los LED y LEP (plasma). 

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    Lighting Kit includes: 600w Bulb Grolux Sylvania.Balastro. Smooth reflector. Cables.

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    Equipo con balastro electrónico conteniendo dos tubos fluorescentes Sylvania Lynx 55 W para la producción de esquejes y apoyo en periodos de crecimiento. S

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    Kit de Iluminación compuesto por: Bombilla Sunmaster 600w Dual Lamp. Balastro VDL 600w. Reflector liso con casquillo. Cables.

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