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Auto Purple Diesel is an autoflowering marijuana seed that Advanced Seeds launches in 2018 to expand its catalog of automatic varieties.

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  • Auto Purple Diesel is an autoflowering marijuana seed that Advanced Seeds launches in 2018 to expand its catalog of automatic varieties. Advanced laboratories have made a genetic mix between two purple varieties such as Auto Blueberry and Auto Diesel. From this crossing we obtain an autoflowering hybrid that will be an eye-catcher, but also offers us spectacular organoleptic properties.

    From this seed we will obtain compact plants with a very robust structure that inside remain smaller than outside. They grow with a lot of vigor and we will quickly appreciate marijuana plants with an appearance very similar to that of a shrub or a small Christmas tree. During the flowering phase all its branches are loaded with a large amount of tight and hard resinous buds. Its precious purple tones will make it the queen of our garden.

    It is a very simple variety to cultivate ideal for both novice and expert growers. With a standard feeding and irrigation, we will harvest our harvests after a maximum of 65 days of flowering. It adapts perfectly to any growing medium, being ideal for indoor crops in which we have little space, as it reaches a maximum height of 65 cm, with a yield of 500 to 550 gr / m2. In outdoor crops it is also very discreet although in most cases it can reach one and a half meters, which is not bad for an autoflowering. This variety can be harvested outdoors from the month of April to November, and can even take several crops a year depending on the area.

    The flavors and aromas of the Auto Purple Diesel will make any smoker enjoy it. An intense smoke full of nuances of blueberries and diesel that will make our mouth water in every puff we give him. It is a marijuana that has a THC of 16% so we will enjoy a powerful effect, both physical and mental.

  • Type of seedAutoflowering, Purple flower
    Type of plantHybrid
    Winners of cupNo
    EffectsRelaxing, Stimulating
    FlavorFruity, Blueberries, Diesel
    Flowering time indoorMedium
    ProductionHigh, Half
    PowerMedium Effect
    Other FeaturesEasy to Grow

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