USA Strains

USA is a benchmark in the cannabis scene for the study and creation of powerful and high quality genetics.

Sweet Seeds® develops feminized, photoperiod-dependent and autoflowering marijuana seeds with genetics originating in the USA such as OG Kush, Trainwreck, NYC Diesel, etc., fully adapted for both outdoor and indoor growing.

Many of these American marijuana strains have profoundly influenced the current cannabis culture. Next we will talk about some of the most amazing varieties that develop powerful, dense and aromatic buds.

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The history of the USA cannabis strains

Cannabis entered the United States several centuries ago. Hemp was used as fiber to produce ropes and textiles. Even George Washington used it for medicinal purposes at that time.

In 1937, after the approval of the "Marihuana Tax Act" in the same year, it became illegal.

Modern cannabis strains, as we know them today, appeared during the 70’s. After the sale of cannabis was allowed in Amsterdam during the seventies, the American breeders found in the Netherlands a source of inspiration in terms of their breeding techniques. In the 1990s, the United States started with the legalization of medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, which has catalyzed the selection and stabilization of hybrids and the development of some of the strongest cannabis strains known in the world. Here we evoke some essential American strains that reached to a legendary status among cannabis connoisseurs.

The Evolutionary Journey and the History of Cannabis in America

Currently, cannabis and hemp can be legally grown in many states of the United States. For personal, commercial and even for research purposes. However, the federal government of the United States still keeps cannabis classified as a Schedule I drug. Years ago, cannabis was consumed for medicinal purposes, especially when pharmaceutical drugs were not as advanced as they are today.

Then, in the 1830’s, an Irish doctor discovered the role of cannabis in the relief of stomach pain and vomiting. After this discovery, cannabis-based extracts were sold in pharmacies and doctors

The Legality of Cannabis in the 20th and 21st Centuries

In the 20th century America criminalized cannabis and many were led to look at cannabis as a bad thing, resulting in a cannabis ban in 29 states in 1931. Then, the "Marijuana Tax Act" appeared in 1937, the first federal law in the United States that penalizes cannabis throughout the country.

When President Nixon enacted the Controlled Substances Act, which classified cannabis as a Schedule I drug along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy, the war on drugs changed the cannabis image and reputation. Exposed to anti-cannabis propaganda funded by the government, many began to fear cannabis.

After countries like Israel published the results of research on the medicinal value of cannabis, certain states heard and enacted their own state cannabis programs, the first being California. In 1996, California legalized medical cannabis, in a document known as the "Compassionate Use Act" of 1996.

Since January 2018, Washington DC and nine other states legalized recreational cannabis. In general, after the medical and therapeutic properties of cannabis were revealed, California took the first step and other states followed suit.

Since the CBD boom is at its peak, many breeders are increasing the presence of this cannabinoid in their strains. With the technology and cannabis culture in the USA, we can expect further innovation and development of more cannabis varieties, making the United States great again.

The Impact of Sam the Skunkman in the Cannabis Industry

David Watson, better know as Sam the Skunkman, has been involved in the cannabis industry for many years. He is a Californian cannabis grower.

In 1985, Sam the Skunkman flew from California to Amsterdam, carrying with him a box of cannabis seeds. The seeds were from a variety called Skunk #1 which became the first commercialized hybrid strain in the world. This commercialization started in Amsterdam, making this country famous for its laws and cannabis growing.

Thanks to the work of Sam the Skunkman, Amsterdam's cannabis culture flourished and many European countries have access to many variations of potent cannabis strains. Tell us which cannabis variety is your favorite and why in the comments below.

Why Are Certain American Cannabis Varieties Famous Worldwide?

In the past, most cannabis strains were not selected for the potency of their effect, but for their unique flavors, aromas and effects. Once these strains traveled, reaching to different parts of the world and multiplying, new cannabis hybrids were produced. Some intentionally, others by accident. The original strains laid the groundwork for others to be created.

  • This famous variety is called OG Kush and has its roots in the Hindu Kush area (Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India). The plants have a mostly indica appearance. The abbreviation "OG" means "Ocean Grown", and not "Original Gangster", although it could be considered as a gangster by the way it dominates the other strains in the market.

    During the 60s and 70s, American hippies travelled to the Asian continent carrying these magnificent Kush seeds and that’s when the selection and hybridization of this genetics started.

    San Fernando Lemon Kush® (SWS62) is an outstanding strain that inherited the powerful lemony essence of the original OG Kush, without neglecting the magnificent Indigo Berry Kush® (SWS63) and Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56), both delicious and aromatic varieties with Kush genetics.

    Kush Characteristics

      • Genetic line of the Kush family: Afghan, Pakistan and North Indian.
      • Effect: Relaxation, euphoria, happyness.
      • Aromas: Sweet, spicy, coffee.

  • Haze

Legend has it that two brothers called "Haze brothers", were searching for the best Sativa varieties in the world. Mexico, Colombia, India, Cambodia, among other destinations were a source of seeds for the Haze brothers. Later on, during the hippie era in California, they selected and stabilized these seeds wedging them with the name "Haze".

Once Amsterdam breeders got their hands into these incredible varieties, the most famous seed banks began to spread the Haze essence to all cannabis lovers. Amsterdam had an enormous influence on the strains that we consume today. Especially at the end of the 20th century, the American Haze varieties have consolidated their name in the market.

Within the most famous Haze varieties we can find Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze and Lemon Haze.

In 2018 at Sweet Seeds® we released our Sweet Amnesia Haze® (SWS72) which is also available in its autoflowering version Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto® (SWS57).

Haze Characteristics

    • Genetic line of the Haze family: Thai, Mexican, South Indian, South American.
    • Effect: Energy, euphoria, relaxation, happyness.
    • Aromas: Sweet, earthy.

  • Diesel

Behind the creation of the incredible Diesel strains, there is a fascinating story. A man named Chemdog bought two cannabis bags where he found 13 seeds of this wonderful plant, from which he developed the famous Chemdog cannabis strains.

In 1994, Chemdog’s friend "AJ", known as "Asshole Joe", grew the strain Chemdog 91’, which was accidentally pollinated by another cannabis strain on Staten Island. Thus, the famous NYC Diesel was born.

Chem Beyond Diesel®, C.B.D. (SWS66) from Sweet Seeds® is one of these dazzling Diesel varieties that you have to include in your marijuana crops. This magnificent variety combines the well-known Diesel power with a high CBD ratio.

In addition, there is the well-known NYC Diesel® (SWS06), another strain from our collection developed from the NYC Diesel lineage.

Genetic line of the Diesel family:

    • In the East Coast:
    • Original Diesel = Chem Dawg x (Sensi NL x Mass. Super Skunk)
    • Sour Diesel = Original Diesel x DNL
    • DNL = (RFK Skunk x Hawaian) x NL
    • RFK = Skunk desaparecida en el 90-91
    • Giesel = Chem Dawg x Mass. Super Skunk
    • Snowdawg o Super Snowdawg = Chem Dawg x (Mass. Super Skunk x Humboldt snow)
    • In the West Coast:
    • OG Kush = Chem Dawg x (Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush)
    • West Coast Dog = Chem Dawg x Humboldt índica
    • Bubba Kush = OG Kush x (West Coast Dog x Old World Paki Kush)
    • Purple Kush = Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush
    • In Europe:
    • Soma NYC Diesel = Sour Diesel x (Sour Diesel x (Afgani x Hawaian))
    • Chem Beyond Diesel®= NYC Diesel x (NYC Diesel x Nafarroa Diesel) Genética feminizada

  • Skunk

Skunk is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. It was developed in the early 70’s in California, under the command of Sam The Skunkman.

This variety was stabilized, originating an impressive cannabis strain, featuring high yield, fast flowering, abundant branches, dense and resinous buds, all together with powerful and exquisite aromas.

Skunk Characteristics

  • Genetic line of the Skunk family: Afghani, Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold.
  • Effect: Creativity, energy, loss of appetite.
  • Aromas: Skunk, earthy.

  • Northern Lights

This is one of the most famous Indica cannabis strains of all time. It was developed in the United States in the late 1970’s on an island near Seattle.

Varieties from the Northern Lights family feature a robust appearance, strong in the form of a shrub with abundant side branches, which are strong and flexible enough to support the weight of the large and dense buds. In addition, they have a flowering period just under the 2 month mark. It is also a very high yielder.

In addition, Northern Lights gave birth to other famous hybrid strains such as Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel and Shiva Skunk.

Northern Lights Characteristics

    • Genetic line of the Northern Lights family: Afghani, Thai
    • Effectt: Relaxing, comfortable.
    • Aromas: Wood, earthy.
    • Flowering: 8 weeks.

  • Blueberry

Blueberry gained significant recognition for the first time after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 as the Best Indica variety. Afterwards, the genetics of Blueberry spread to other countries and its medicinal and therapeutic benefits called the attention of many people around the world. The sweet taste with a touch of blueberries, the euphoric and relaxing effect, the strong medicinal value and the colors of this variety turned it into a very famous strain all around the world.

Blueberry varieties are synonymous with exquisiteness and color. Its name is given by the colors acquired during flowering together with the sweet taste and blueberry aroma.

Blueberry was created and developed in the United States during the 80’s and 90’s by the famous and well-known Canadian breeder "DJ Short".

DJ Short is an expert cannabis grower who also studied psychology and biology. During the 70’s he worked with mostly Sativa exotic genetics brought from Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Thailand.

Due to the existing prohibitions and policies, DJ Short decides to leave the United States, and arrives in Europe in the 90’s, bringing his seeds with him. Holland was one of the first destinations for legality with marijuana and allowed him to keep breeding new varieties.

Blueberry Characteristics

    • Genetic line of the Blueberry family: Afghani Indica, Purple Thai, Sativa Thai.
    • Effect: Relaxing, comfortable, euphoria, drowsiness
    • Aromas: Blueberries, sweet and fresh

Super Strong Strains in the USA

In the United States there is a "bigger and stronger" mentality. This philosophy led them to some of the most powerful varieties in the world

One of these powerful varieties is Gorilla Glue, a strain which has gained momentum in recent years. It is a variety capable of developing more than 25% of THC. Without forgetting the famous Girl Scout Cookies, which also produces high amounts of THC.

The most famous strain of Alaska is a strain called Alaskan Thunderfuck, the pride and joy of this northern state, developed in the Matanuska region.

At Sweet Seeds® we have developed a hybrid from these two strains (Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies), our Gorilla Girl® (SWS74). This strain features a very powerful effect, with remarkably high levels of THC that reach between 20-25% in optimal growing conditions. Some plants may even exceed these levels of THC.

Another famous strain from the USA is Trainwreck, which we have selected and stabilized. Our Sweet Trainwreck Auto® (SWS47)is an autoflowering strain that produces up to 20% of THC.

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