DE - Fast Bud #2 Auto® 3+1

Fast Bud #2 Auto®


Selbstblühend der 3. Generation. Erste genetischen Weiterentwicklung von Fast Bud Auto® (SWS16). 


  • 3 Samen + 1 Gratis
  • 5 Samen + 2 Gratis
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Beschreibung Fast Bud #2 Auto®

Selbstblühend der 3. Generation. Erste genetischen Weiterentwicklung von Fast Bud Auto® (SWS16).

Selbstblühende Variante sehr produktiv mit großen Buds voll mit reichlichem und aromatischem Harz. Sehr kräftige Pflanze, produziert reichlich Seitenäste, die eine Höhe zwischen 40 und 90 cm erreichen. Starke Wirkung und süße Aromen mit exotischen Tönen von seinem Erbe von Diesel, sehr schnell blühend.


1. Preis - Indoor - 5. Coppa dell’Italia Cannabica - Rom - Italien - 2013
1. Preis - Selbstblühend - I Cannabis Cup Nature Grow - Barcelona - 2011

Datenblatt Fast Bud #2 Auto®

Produktion Indoor:
450-500 g/m²
Produktion Outdoor:
20-70 g/Pflanze
Ernte Indoor/Outdoor:
7½ Wochen nach dem Keimen
40-90 cm
Entspannend, Appetit
Sauer, Beere, Fruchtig, Tropisch, Süß


Fast Bud #2 = #1 Strain!
rating 5
doranco - 02.11.2022
Have never NOT had a seed germinate from Sweet Seeds. And Fast Bud #2 is so far, my favorite strain. I grow in soil, organic and feed minimally, so don't expect tons of "crystals", but this gal is loaded. Additionally, she's nice and resinous giving a good even smoke, and the berry taste is strong. This strain is amazing. Simple for a novice, and worthy of an experienced crafter. Intense berry smell, covered in crystals, and just gets better with age as cured. 3 month cure is amazing and I'm trying for 6. ;) A great "company" smoke. I grow it every other run.
Bon produit
rating 5
Fawaz - 13.10.2021
Qualité et rapidité ^^
rating 5
Carlos colom - 30.08.2021
Fáciles de cultivar
Top Seeds!
rating 5
Jonny - 11.07.2021
I\'ve tried many seed banks but for about 1 year I\'ve only been using sweetseeds because 90% of the seeds germinate and develop wonderfully, currently I have automatic and F1 versions and both are really great. All the seeds I\'ve had so far have been great and the germination rate is much higher compared to other manufacturers. 10/10! Its the first time i take Fast Bud 2 Auto, so I can\'t say much about this strain yet.
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