Comics, Superheros & Cannabis

Imagine the world where cannabis and superheroes were best friends. The connection between cannabis and superheroes is undeniable.

Superheroes are roaming the world of comics, fighting villains with an appetite for justice. Comics such as the ones produced by Marvel and DC Comics provided us with outlandish entertainment for our TV smoke sessions.

As superheroes are often facing serious problems which they need to resolve, ridden with anxiety over saving the world, introducing cannabis in their lives would surely benefit them. Let’s connect comics and superheroes together with the greatest superhero of them all, Mary Jane.

Superheros That Need To Chill Out


The Hulk

First up on our list of superheroes that should consider incorporating some cannabis into their endeavors, is the superhero that needs to get a prescription for a strong indica strain like Cream Caramel® (SWS04)— his name is The Hulk.

When the rage attacks rise to the surface, he explodes in size and turns green and destructive. It’s clearly a cry for some super green weed. In one of the comics, The Hulk surrounded himself with puppies to relax him from turning into a green monster. Smoking some weed may function as a great alternate relaxant when puppies are nowhere to be found.

Profesor Charles Francis Xavier

Profesor Charles

We all know that cannabis can make us contemplative and give us thinking superpowers. Professor Charles Francis Xavier, Professor X, from the X-men comics, should definitely add cannabis to his arsenal to relax his superpowers when needed.

In the movie “X-Men The Days Of Future Past”, Professor X, played by James Macavoy, used heroin to numb his powerful thoughts and memories. Cannabis is known to help users cease their heroin consumption. So, if you ever travel to the past of the X-Men world, give Professor X some dank Kush, like the San Fernando Lemon Kush® (SWS62).



Another famous character from the X-Men series, Wolverine, should also take a chill-pill filled with an abundance of super cannabinoids. He is no stranger to intoxicating himself with alcohol and various substances to heal the pains of being alive for so long. He has witnessed many wars and traumatic events and based on his reactions to sudden movement, he most likely suffers from PTSD. Many characters with PTSD use cannabis to alleviate some of the hypervigilance and other symptoms that come with the condition. So instead of further ripping his muscles, he should be ripping some tokes.

Interesting Thoughts About Superheros, Comics and Cannabis

Iron Man

Iron Man

Since all of us cannabis aficionados love to contemplate over hypothetical situations to expand our wisdom, here’s food for thought—Iron Man and cannabis.

Think about all the cool gadgets and technology that Robert Downey Jr. created. He developed a suit that can fly, fire rockets, shoot lasers and fight crime. Together with the cannabis’ power of imagination, he could elevate his technology to a metaphysical level, summoning spirits to fight the bad guys—that would be awesome. So if you see Iron Man anywhere, make sure to share a spliff with him.

Ninja Turtles

turtles ninja

Teenage Ninja Turtles have stolen the hearts of plenty of fans and have gained much popularity in the world of comics. It may not be directly presented in their comics or movies, but the Ninja Turtles most definitely smoke weed. They’re super nice, they love sitting in front of the TV, they indulge in pizza, they speak like surfers who are the cannabis heroes of our world.

It’s quite clear that they enjoy ripping a bowl every now and then. They most likely make some canna-oil and spread it on their superhero piazzas. Perhaps they sneak behind the scenes to vape some weed that perfectly matches their skin tone. You know what they say, you become what you consume.



What about the connection between Spider-Man and cannabis? First, we need to obviously make the connection that the love of his life is Mary Jane Watson, yes he’s in loves with the woman who is named after the colloquial term for cannabis.

During the 90’s the anti-cannabis PSA’s were prevalent in the media. The government was actually involved in Marvel’s creative process, by adding sneaky stories that demonize marijuana, with the Fast Lane Spider-Man series. This series was based on a pothead actor who needed to be destroyed by some outlandish characters. But no government involvement in Spider-Man’s life could break the bond between him and Mary Jane.

Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanid and Happiness

Asides from superhero comics, and movies based on them, Cyanide and Happiness is a super funny stoner comic series. The segments are easy to comprehend, perfect for the short attention span of the heavy cannabis user. These comics go straight to the punchline. Enjoy some superb sativa like Ice Cool® (SWS06) and enjoy Cyanide and Happiness.

The Future of Pothead Superheroes

Pro-cannabis heroes that fight for the legalization of marijuana stand as today’s true superheroes, making the world a better place. As the cannabis economy is growing strong due to many US states having legalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, we can expect many comics involving the sweet superpower-inducing herb into the superhero storylines.


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